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  • LE 29 octobre 2014

    West D – Random Joe (Original Mix)
    West D – Random Joe (Krizzli Remix)

    Out on Flashcut Music
    Video by barbu.tv

  • LE 16 juin 2014

    West D - Gatinhà CD cover

    Fashion designer CELIA HOMEWOOD has selected exclusive tracks and a mixtape by West D for the promotion of the 2014/2015 catalog of her brand METAMORPHISME (Paris – Berlin – Rio de Janeiro – Johannesburg)
    FASHION SHOW: JUNE, 21st in Marseille (France)
    Promo CD « GATINHA » content:
    1. Away From You (Original Mix)
    2. Cidade (Original Mix) – UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE
    3. Gatinhà (Original Mix) – UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE
    4. Higher (Original Mix) – UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE
    5. San Francisco Bay (West D Remix)
    6. Sunny Side – DJ-MIX

  • LE 6 mai 2014
    West D – Podcast 6 – « Mind Games Mixtape »

    107 minutes of radical musical eclecticism with tracks by West D, Fingainthanoze, Ozien, Todd Terje, Prins Thomas, Tycho, NIN, Kink, Laurent Garnier, Kurupt, Nate Dogg and a lot more! Enjoy

    Stream & download this podcast!

  • LE 3 avril 2014


    The end of winter is coming, triggering an explosion of vitality and, at the same time, announcing the return of the DUPLEX electronic weekend! Fri-Son is proud to present the third edition of this massive event. Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, Neurocide & Flashcut are taking another step further by drawing on their contacts from the European scene and even from the other hemisphere! Yet again bringing together veteran artists from a range of genres, DUPLEX will seduce their aficionados, while embellishing the event with multimedia installations tailored to Fri-Son’s facilities. The prolonged opening hours will allow everyone to make the most of the weekend and to get busy to the rhythms of Drum & Bass, House, Trap, Electro, Dubstep and Techno. Swiss artists, from DJs to VJs, will also have their spot on the line up and we’re reserving a few surprises to the connoisseurs! DUPLEX 2014 is on its way, for the greatest pleasure of your senses. So let yourself be carried away by the melodies and colours, and come join us to write a new page in the history of our tribute to electronic culture!

    La fin de l’hiver approche, déclenchant une explosion de vitalité et annonçant, par la même occasion, le retour du weekend électronique DUPLEX! Fri-Son est fier de vous présenter la troisième édition de cet événement d’envergure. Non satisfaits de se reposer sur leurs lauriers, Neurocide & Flashcut remettent une couche en puisant dans leurs contacts de la scène européenne et même de l’autre hémisphère! Rassemblant à nouveau des artistes invétérés d’une panoplie de styles, la DUPLEX séduira les afficionados de ceux-ci, en agrémentant le tout d’installations multimédia taillés sur mesure aux salles de Fri-Son. L’ouverture prolongée du club permettra également de profiter pleinement du weekend et de se déhancher aux rythmes Drum & Bass, House, Trap, Electro, Dubstep et Techno. Les artistes Suisses, des DJs aux VJs, auront également leur place à la programmation de cette année et on réserve quelques surprises alléchantes aux connaisseurs ! DUPLEX 2014 arrive, pour le plus grand plaisir de vos sens. Alors laissez-vous emporter par les mélodies et les couleurs, et venez nous rejoindre pour écrire ensemble une nouvelle page de l’histoire de notre hommage à la culture électronique!



  • LE 5 février 2014
    Flashcut Gallery by barbu.tv

    Capture d’écran 2014-02-05 à 14.54.13

    Check out this fun gallery: A collection of artworks our friends from barbu.tv did for our promotion and VJing needs.

  • LE 11 septembre 2013
    West D – Away From You [Music Video]

    Julien Minguely created this video for the original track « Away From You » by West D (production, vocals) featuring guitar parts by Felipe Duarte (São Paolo, BRA).
    The EP includes a great dark techno remix by Oblast (Berlin)

  • LE 19 avril 2013
    DUPLEX Electronic Week-End

    This spring, Fri-Son has the pleasure to host the first edition of the DUPLEX electronic weekend! Born from the instigators of the Upgrade & Kids Love Saturdays events, this unique concept will make your booty shake to a range of music styles. From Trap to Minimal, Dubstep to Techno, Drum & Bass to House, there’s something for everyone in either of the two rooms on both the weekend’s specially prolonged nights. With artists hailing from the four corners of Europe: Berlin, London, Rome, Madrid, Sofia; as well as a selection of talented DJs of the Swiss scene, these two days are sure to leave an indelible mark on your memory. Add the whole club being laced with omnipresent visual setups at the hands of skilled VJs and your breath will be taken away! Ravers of the electronic scene, this weekend was made for you, so don’t miss the opportunity to make DUPLEX yet another epic Fri-Son event!

    ✦✦✦ FRIDAY 26.04.2013 | doors 22h – 05h ✦✦✦

    ► Main Room:

    PROTOTYPES (Shogun // UK)

    BROKEN NOTE (Ad Noiseam // UK)

    SUBSHOCK (Rottun // ES)

    DIGI G’ALESSIO (Lucky Beard // IT)

    STABBER (Lucky Beard // IT)

    KOMA DUB (Badass Bouncers // CH)

    Hosted By MC STONE (Neurocide // UK)

    ► Club Room:

    DIGITALINE (Cadenza // DE)

    LIVIU GROZA (Rekids // DE)

    LUFT (Raoul // CH)

    ARTMAILLE (Flashcut // CH)

    LILY & GREG SHEPHERD (Flashcut // CH)

    ✦✦✦ SATURDAY 27.04.2013 | doors 22h – 05h ✦✦✦

    ► Main Room:

    PHILIP BADER (Highgrade // DE)

    CASCANDY (Monaberry // DE)


    GO APE (Weallgoape // CH)

    COOLCAT (Flashcut // CH)

    ► Club Room:

    OPTIV (Virus // UK)

    BALKANSKY (Subtrakt // BG)

    BEN DANGER (Fmi // CH)

    OXSA (Argent Sale // CH)

    DIRTYMADSOUND (Argent Sale // CH)

    ONEFOOTSTEP (Miscreants // CH)

    Hosted By MC STONE (Neurocide // UK)

    Fri-Son, rte de la Fonderie 13
    1705 Fribourg – www.fri-son.ch

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SPONSORS ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    None of this would be possible without the support of our sponsors. The whole DUPLEX team would like to thank:







  • LE 14 janvier 2012
    Fingainthanoze’s The Petting EP Tour

    Fingainthanoze’s The Petting EP Tour with:
    Rack N Ruin (UK)
    Dj Mellow (B)
    Buébo (CH)

    Tour Dates:
    13.01.12 Le Zoo/ Usine Geneva
    14.01.12 XXe Fribourg
    21.01.12 Fri-son Fribourg Official Release Party
    other dates coming

    Thanks to barbu.tv for this Trailer.

  • LE 30 novembre 2011
    Ozien – Origins LP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    Ozien – Origins LP (Not available on the Flashcut Release Catalog iTunes, Beatport,…)

    Ozien offers us all this great album with a few words: « With the « Origins » LP I wanted to do something different, explore and combine classic electronic genres and soundscapes in an unexpected way. Make a release which tells a story, in contrast with my straight up bouncing tracks on Flashcut Music.  This LP is completely produced, mixed and mastered by me. It’s free. Enjoy! »

  • LE 19 septembre 2011
    Yellow Duck – Promo + Interactive Music Video by Carré Carré Triangle Carré

    Hey, do you want to play? Check this Interactive Music Video:
    by Carré Carré Triangle Carré

    Yellow Duck EP:
    Fat Acid – Yellow Duck
    Fat Acid – Yellow Duck (Fingainthanoze & Mc Stone remix)
    Fat Acid – Rolling Rhodes
    Fingainthanoze – Hokema

  • LE 12 septembre 2011
    René Bourgeois – Tico [Official Music Video]

    When we invited René Bourgeois (Berlin / Supdub) to play at Fri-Son, he had more fun than expected performing for his new music video by barbu.tv.

  • LE 23 mai 2011
    Greg Shepherd – Echec & Mat EP [Promo Video]

    New teaser : GREG SHEPHERD – Echec & Mat EP (barbu.tv)
    Vocals by MC STONE

  • LE 30 novembre 2010
    West D – Groover EP Minimix [Promo Video]

    West D – Groover (Original Mix)
    West D – Groover (DVW Remix)
    West D – Groover (Beats On Demand Remix)
    West D – Groover (Fingainthanoze Remix)
    West D – Stressada (Fat Acid Remix)

    Out on Flashcut Music 2nd of February 2011
    video by barbu.tv